Why Amazon Firestick Jailbreak?

Before discussing about Amazon Firestick Jailbreak, Let's have a quick look at the advantages of Amazon Firestick Jailbreak. There are large number of benifits that a user can receive by Firestick Jailbreak such as :

Before moving into the Step By Step Guide of Firestick Jailbreak, discuss about the legitimacy of Firestick Jailbreak. The most famous question of Firestick Jailbreak is "Is Firestick Jailbreak Legal?" or "Is Firestick Jailbreak Legit?"

Is Firestick Jailbreak Legal?

Jailbreak means not something illegal but removing some restrictions of the particular device. Sadly Firestick Jailbrek is Illegal and it is different from other jailbreaking like iOS Jailbreak. iOS Jailbreaking is purely legal and the company Apple enjoys the features introduced by the Jailbreak Community but sadly Amazon is Not!!!

How to Jailbreak Amazon Firestick [2019] - Step By Step Guide

There are only few major steps in jailbreaking Amazon Firestick. Before Moving into any of these steps, you need to install a VPN.

  1. Preparing Amazon Firestick For Jailbreaking
  2. Install File Explorer on Firestick
  3. Jailbreak FireStick and Install Kodi
Danger! You must Install a VPN before attempting to Jailbreak Amazon Firestick. As Amazon does not encorage Firestick Jailbreak, You may face lot of trouble if you expose your IP address to Amazon while jailbreaking your firestick. Check How to Install VPN on Firestick?

How to Prepare for Amazon Firestick Jailbreak?

There is nothing nuch in Amazon Firestick Jailbreak like iOS Jailbreak or Roku Jailbreak, but you have to Make sure that you have followings before starting the jailbreak process

  • Firestick
  • Firestick Remote Controller
  • Active Internet Connection

Step 1 : Prepare Firestick for Jailbreaking

Turn your Amazon Firestick on and Go to Settings (Top Right in the Menu) from the firestick home page


Select My Fire TV option from the settings

Next Step is to Go to the Devloper Optins Menu. Do not worry about proceeding to this step as this does not require any technical knowledge or experience. We just need to turn a setting on to download apps apart from Amazon Store


Select the Unknown Sources and Turn it On to complete the Step 1 of Amazon Firestick Jailbreak


Step 2 : Install File Explorer Software on Firestick

The Second Step of Amazon Firestick Jailbreak is, Installing a File Exploring Software. In order to do that, you can use the Search Option of Amazon Firestick home screen. Use the left most button to Search


Search "ES File Explorer" and Select it


Click the "ES File Explorer" and Download it. In order to Go to the Third and last step of Amazon Firestick Jailbreak, you need this File Exploring Software.


Download and Install it on Amazon Firestick


Step 3 : Jailbreak Firestick and Install Kodi

Installing the most famous streaming app "Kodi" is the last step of this process. In order to Install Kodi, We use Installed ES File Explorer from the second step. If you are not sure about ES file explorer. Please check for the app in your firestick. If you already own the app, continue to the last step of Amazon firestick jailbreak.

Since Most of you are not familiar with WS Fie Explorer, Check the steps below before executing the steps.

3.1 Open ES File Explorer and Find the Downloader under Tools > Download Manager. Check the Screenshot below


3.2 Select New And add the following URL . https://www.firesticks.com/kapk

3.4 Wait for the download to finish. After the download completion click "Open File"


3.3 Click Download Now after typing the URL showed in the screenshot


3.5 And then Install Kodi App to your Amazon Firestick to see the magic


3.5 Install Kodi APK as shown in the below screenshots


Great News..!! Your Amazon Firestick is now Jailbroken. Enjoy Kodi and Other Jailbreak Features on Amazon Firestick


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