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Find My Jailbreak is the Latest Jailbreak Website + Jailbreak Tool Finder for iPhone, iPad any other device run on Apple iOS. It supports iOS Jailbreaking, iPad Jailbreak, iPhone Jailbreak, Amazon Firestick Jailbreak, Roku TV Jailbreak and Sony PlayStation / PS4 Jailbreak

Let's find out the major types of Jailbreaking and discuss about those in detail

  1. iOS, iPhone and iPad Jailbreak - iPhone and iPad customiations via Apple iOS Jailbreaking
  2. TV Jailbreak - Amazon Firestick Jailbreak and Roku TV Jailbreak
  3. PS4 Jailbreak - Jailbreak Sony PlayStation 4 to use hacked games in your PS

1. iOS, iPhone and iPad Jailbreak

iOS Jailbreak

iOS Jailbreak can be achieved using several iOS Jailbreak Tools and the Jailbreak Tool may vary according to the iOS Version

iPhone Jailbreak

iPhone Jailbreak can be achieved and by installing Cydia after jailbreaking, you can unlock cool features of the Apple iPhone

iPad Jailbreak

Apple iPad also can be jailbroken and there are number of features that you can unlock by performing a jailbreak on Apple iPad

2. TV Jailbreak(Including Apple TV, Amazon Firestick and Roku)

Firestick Jailbreak

Amazon Firestick Jailbreak can be achived and by doing Jailbreaking, you can get free movies from Kodi and other third party vendors.

Roku Jailbreak

Roku OS is not jailbreakable but you can use Jailbreak Alternatives to mirror your favorite Apps to Roku TV and enjoy

3. PlayStation Jailbreak (PS4 and up)

PlayStation Jailbreak

Sony PlayStations like PS4 is also Jailbreakable and Jailbreaking unlocks number of features. A Jailbroken PS4 can do some magics

Why Jailbreaking is Important?

Jailbreaking is a concept of removing restrictions of a device. It can be your iPhone or iPad, or it can be the newly brought play station or Amazon Firestick.

Just Imagine a situation that you need to Install your favorite app to iPhone and it doesn't allow by Apple. What you do is, you jailbreak the device and Install it within minutes. Or you need free movies on your Amazon Firestick, the solution is Jailbreak, You perform a Jailbreak on Amazon Firestick or even in Roku TV and Install Kodi on it. Then you enjoy the freedom of free stuff without paying for Amazon or Netflix for watching movies.

But it may be harmful to use incompatible jailbreak tools with your device . Our recommendation is to use a jailbreak tool which is specially designed for your iOS version and your iPhone/ iPad or to Roku TV or Firestick. Our service detects your device version and find the best available jailbreak solutions for you


Find Proper Jailbreak Tools

As the unauthorized Jailbreak Websites and Jailbreak Tools leads to harmful results, always find trusted services or trusted apps to jailbreak